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Enhance Your Collaboration

Think ahead to the timeline, tasks that must be completed, feedback you plan to collect, and how you might work through any challenges that may arise.

  Plan Timelines and Team Roles

Consider organizational framing to help your team clarify and refine plans.

  • Clarify and confirm your project's plans and timeline.
  • Clarify and confirm the roles and responsibilities of all team members.
  • Decide on communication and collaboration tools.
  • Build in time for data management and archiving.

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  Track and Respond to Feedback

Create meaningful opportunities for input and collaboration and adapt products to meet evolving user needs.

  • Thoughtfully track and respond to input from intended users.
  • Remember why you are engaging intended users.
  • Make sure meetings are well run and purposeful.

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  Anticipate Challenges, Manage Proactively

Think about how elements of your project can adapt in response to feedback and/or anticipated and unanticipated changes.

  • Anticipate potential conflicts.
  • Get help to fill personnel gaps.
  • Begin planning early for end-of-project transitions.
  • Seize all learning opportunities.

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  Additional Resources

Explore additional resources related to facilitating projects. Examples: virtual engagement resources, tools for facilitating effective meetings, conflict management tools, and others.

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