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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.
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Multimedia | April 2020

This collection of resources present working and reference documents for a community stakeholder process to develop sea level rise adaptation options for a low-lying road in China Camp State Park, along San Francisco Bay, CA.

Report | April 2020

This report presents next steps to implement a sea level rise adaptation project for a low-lying road in China Camp State Park, along San Francisco Bay, CA.

Multimedia | April 2020

This project database and interactive storymap catalogs native Olympia Oyster restoration projects on the West Coast.

Website | April 2020
Tool | April 2020
Tool | April 2020

This logic model describes research objectives for a project to assess the potential for blue carbon in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska.

News | April 2020

A project team in South Carolina received a Notable State Documents Award for their 2019 report titled Summary of Living Shoreline Research to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina.

K-12 | March 2020

These high school STEM curriculum resources, created as part of the project Bringing Wetlands to Market Phase 2: Expanding Blue Carbon Implementation, examine the relationship between climate change impacts and carbon storage in New England salt marsh.

Project Overview | March 2020

This project overview describes a 2015 Collaborative Research project that tested a new strategy to protect coastal habitats in high-energy environments in Florida.

Multimedia | March 2020
Multimedia | March 2020
Report | March 2020
Tool | March 2020
Report | March 2020

These GIS-generated maps show peatlands by major land owners in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska region.

Management Brief | March 2020

This management brief, prepared by Science Collaborative Staff, is the final version of the document incorporating content from the March 17, 2020 panel webinar on Blue Carbon.

Webinar Brief | March 2020

This document summarizes key lessons that emerged during the March 2020 webinar Estimating Long-term Phosphorus Retention Capacity of Riverine and Coastal Wetlands. In addition to taking audience questions, the team offered some ideas about how their work informed an ambitious water quality initiative in Ohio.

Tool | March 2020

This GitHub Repository houses the statistical code, a model interface and example datasets to enable others to calcuate the retention capacity of a wetland.

Report | March 2020

This protocol is intended to enable wetland managers, conservationists, and other practitioners to monitor and estimate a wetland’s long-term Total Phosphorus (TP) retention capacity threshold.

Data | February 2020
Tool | February 2020