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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.
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Tool | June 2020

This focus group template is part of a training and facilitation toolkit, developed to help coastal leaders use the Alaska Fisheries Resilience Index to promote coastal resilience.

Tool | May 2020

This professional training toolkit supports facilitators and leaders of coastal resilience processes to use the Alaska Fisheries Resilience Index, a self-assessment tool for fishery industry leaders and businesses.

Tool | May 2020

These coastal hazard risk communication training process agendas can be used to as a model help facilitators develop trainings for coastal decision makers in other communities.

Tool | May 2020

These facilitation guides and job aids, part of a Resilience Metrics toolkit, provide tools and activities for each step of the process to develop and track metrics of adaptation success.

Tool | April 2020

These coastal hazard risk communication workshop materials can be used to help facilitate trainings for coastal decision makers.

Tool | April 2020
Tool | March 2020
Tool | February 2020
Webinar Brief | December 2019

This document summarizes key lessons that emerged during the December 2019 webinar Leveraging NERRS System-Wide Monitoring Program Data for Wetland Research and Management. In addition to providing a record of the Q&A, this document also contains example work from project teams working with System-wide Monitoring Program data, and advice and best practices for both new and existing collaborative science project teams interested in working with monitoring data.

Webinar Brief | September 2019

This document is a comprehensive post-webinar report that includes a summary of the panel discussion, records of the Q&A session and comments submitted by attendees about next steps for climate resilience, the results of audience polls administered during the webinar, an account of who attended the webinar, and a list of participants who opted to list their contact information to foster connections among climate adaptation and resilience practitioners and researchers.

Tool | September 2019

The Fisheries Resilience Index is a self-assessment tool developed for Alaska fishery industry leaders and businesses.

Webinar Brief | July 2019

These slides summarize a webinar given by Dr. Brita Jessen and Dr. Matt McCarthy on July 18, 2019, summarizing the results of work using advanced satellite imagery to map the damage, death, and recovery of mangroves with a time series of images from 2010 to 2018. 

Webinar Brief | March 2019

These slides summarize a webinar given by Maggie Pletta of the Delaware Reserve on March 12, 2019, about the development of new, innovative visitor displays at three reserves, partnering with students at the University of Delaware to produce gesture-controlled, educational computer games.

Webinar Brief | February 2019

These slides summarize a webinar given byAlison Watts of the University of New Hampshire and Bree Yednock of the South Slough Reserve on February 14, 2019, featuring results from a pilot eDNA monitoring program being developed and tested at several National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) sites in New England and Oregon.

Tool | January 2019

This document summarizes a December 2017 workshop hosted by Mission-Aransas Reserve that explored ways to generate a return on investment from wetland preservation and restoration projects in Texas. 

Tool | December 2018
Tool | December 2018

These resources are from workshops, focus groups, and surveys that a team from North Inlet-Winyah Bay and ACE Basin reserves used to scope their 2012 Collaborative Research project, "Advancing Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina." 

Tool | December 2018

These resources contain information about stakeholder workshops hosted by the 2012 Collaborative Research project team, "Advancing Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina." These resources include meeting agendas, presentations, meeting notes, and other materials.

Tool | December 2018

This spreadsheet was developed by a 2012 Collaborative Research team to help property owners in coastal South Carolina calculate rules for stormwater treatment and runoff reductions from their sites based on statewide rules and regulations.

Tool | December 2018

This spreadsheet was designed by a 2012 Collaborative Research team to help property owners and designers properly size rainwater harvesting systems.