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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

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Webinar Brief | November 2019

This document is a comprehensive post-webinar report that includes a summary of the panel discussion, records of the Q&A session and comments submitted by attendees about next steps for climate resilience, the results of audience polls administered during the webinar, an account of who attended the webinar, and a list of participants who opted to list their contact information to foster connections among climate adaptation and resilience practitioners and researchers.

Webinar Brief | October 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Jennifer West of the Narragansett Bay Reserve on October 23, 2018 about her 2017 Science Transfer project that hosted a workshop to discuss the growing body of literature on salt marshes and sea level rise.

Webinar Brief | July 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Jennifer Plunket of the North Inlet-Winyah Nay Reserve and Robin Weber of the Narragansett Bay Reserve on July 17, 2018 summarizing results from their assessments using the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal Habitats (CCVATCH).