Webinar: Physical Effects of Storm Surge Barriers on the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary

Multimedia Resource
June 2020

Storm surge barriers or tide gates can minimize flooding and protect people and property during large storms. Yet their environmental effects are poorly understood and feasibility studies of potential surge barriers need to consider a range of potential impacts on an estuary. To broaden understanding of surge barriers being considered for the New York-New Jersey harbor, a 2018 catalyst project modeled and analyzed barriers' physical effects and hosted a series of workshops to synthesize and share information.

About this resource

On June 30, 2020, Philip Orton and Ziyu Chen shared results from a research project investigating the physical effects of storm surge barriers on the Hudson River Estuary. The presentation discusses the influence of open and closed surge barriers on estuary physical conditions, and considers the evolving impacts of closure frequency and duration on sea level rise. View the webinar video and presentation slides.

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