Salt Marsh Response & Resilience to Changing Conditions: Prospect for Management

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November 2018

There is growing evidence that the New England coast faces mounting challenges due to sea level rise. Research has identified southeast New England salt marshes as some of the most vulnerable marshes in the country, prompting researchers and practitioners to evaluate mechanisms of resilience and opportunities for conservation and management of these important ecosystems. To build capacity for addressing salt marsh resilience, the Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, in collaboration with the three other New England reserves, hosted a regional workshop for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the growing body of literature on salt marshes and sea level rise.

About this resource

This website, hosted by the Narragansett Bay Reserve, contains detailed information about the April 2018 workshop "Salt Marsh Response & Resilience to Changing Conditions: Prospects for Management." It provides a variety of useful products, including the workshop agenda, proceedings, speaker abstracts and biographies, and workshop evaluation.