Dataset: Evaluation of living shoreline techniques in different settings in South Carolina

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August 2019

About this resource

The 2015 - 2019 collaborative research project Evaluating Living Shorelines to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina conducted extensive field work on the South Carolina coast. Complete data sets are available upon request. The dataset description provided here outlines the parameters measured, locations studied, and the data file format.

This project monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of a variety of living shoreline techniques under different coastal environmental conditions. The results are intended to provide agency partners with science-based information to create a regulatory pathway and develop project standards for living shorelines in South Carolina. To learn more about the project findings, see the team’s report: Summary of Living Shoreline Research to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina.

The dataset description provides more detail about the three datasets generated by the project:

  1. Monitoring data for pre-existing oyster-based shoreline sites
  2. Performance data for new experimental shoreline sites
  3. Spatial and elevation geodatabase for living shoreline sites

To inquire about accessing and using this data, contact:

Gary Sundin, Wildlife Biologist
Marine Resources Research Institute
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 843-953-0130

For other project questions:

Denise Sanger
ACE Basin NERR Research Coordinator
SCDNR Marine Resources Research Institute
Phone: 843-953-9074

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