Climate Education for a Changing Bay Expansion

Factsheet Resource
November 2018

In coastal Virginia, Mathews, Gloucester, and Middlesex Counties are experiencing rates of sea level rise that are relatively greater than the global average. Understanding changes in sea level rise and inundation— and their impacts on habitat and coastal communities—is key to building a resilient Chesapeake Bay. An existing NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) project, “Climate Education for a Changing Bay (CECB),” provided watershed educational experiences integrated into the classroom curriculum for high school students in Gloucester County and Mathews County, Virginia.

A 2016 Science Transfer project led by the Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Virginia built on the strengths of the previous years of CECB to extend the reach into Middlesex County, and developed an alumni program to support the program in Gloucester and Matthews counties. This factsheet describes the project approach, benefits, products, and next steps.