American Sign Language Video Lessons on Estuaries

Multimedia Resource
October 2019
ASL lessons on estuaries

A Science Transfer project team developed five videos that explain key principles of estuary ecology using American Sign Language. The five modules address Watersheds, Water Quality, Water Quality Monitoring, Estuary Values, and Sea Level Rise, teaching important concepts as well as new scientific vocabulary in sign language. As part of the project, deaf scientists developed the American Sign Language terms following linguistic principles in which the signs communicate information about the concepts they represent. You can view the English translation by clicking on the closed caption (CC) feature in the lower right corner of the videos.

These videos are the result of a collaboration between The Center for Research and Training at The Learning Center for the Deaf, Inc., Boston University, and 3 reserves in New England.  The collaboration aims to foster greater engagement in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning among deaf and hard of hearing K–12 students and increase the number of deaf people entering STEM professions. To learn more, visit: ASL CLEAR and view their new sign language tutorials about estuary concepts and key vocabulary.