Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative Story Map and Project Database

Multimedia Resource
April 2020

The Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative (NOOC) is a coastwide network from Baja California to British Columbia to conserve and rebuild West Coast native oyster populations. It was established as part of a collaborative project to improve communication, coordination and information sharing among scientists and restoration practitioners.

About this resource

Restoration of native Olympia oysters began in Puget Sound in 1999. As of 2019, nearly 40 restoration projects have been conducted along the West coast. The Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative used this questionnaire to create a comprehensive database with information about known Olympia oyster restoration projects.

An interactive story map was created based on the project database to let scientists and the public explore West Coast Olympia oyster restoration efforts. It offers a resource for local communities to learn about restoration in their area, and for practitioners to find information about project locations, methods, key contacts, and lessons learned.

Reports and publications generated by individual projects can be found on the NOOC website’s West Coast Project Library.

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