Community Collaboration: A Locally Driven Approach to Estuarine Management

Date and Time: 
Mon, 11/04/2019 - 3:00pm
Jenni Schmitt and Jill Rolfe

Modern management of Oregon’s estuaries and surrounding shorelands is based on the economic and social drivers of the 1970s era within which local land use plans were developed. So how do we modernize land use planning in a way that balances responsible economic development, social interests, and the protection of natural resources? A diverse group of local stakeholders is collaborating to answer this question for one Oregon estuary through: 1) compiling existing data to show current conditions and uses within the estuary; 2) gathering stakeholder input and land use and planning recommendations from a diversity of interest groups; and 3) developing management options and detailed roadmaps for officials to use to update their land use plans. This webinar will highlight the collaborative stakeholder engagement process that is driving this work, and provide a snapshot of the products and recommendations developed through this process.

About the speakers:

Jenni Schmitt, Wetlands Monitoring Coordinator, South Slough NERR
Jenni leads the planning and implementation of wetlands-related projects at the South Slough NERR. As part of her work, Jenni has been coordinating collaborative projects with a community-based group of concerned citizens called the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds. Members of this group collaborate to understand local watershed conditions and address their capacity and resiliency to serve ecological, economic, and social needs for present and future generations.

Jill Rolfe, Director, Coos County Planning Department
Jill has worked for the Coos County Planning Department for 18 years and has been the director since 2012. Ms. Rolfe regularly coordinates research and updates to the County Comprehensive plan with local, state and federal agencies. Ms. Rolfe has been a member of the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds for six years and played a large advisory role for environmental and socio-economic aspects of multiple projects. Ms. Rolfe is also coordinating updates to several Estuary Management Plans.

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